Special Films

Transparent protection, special finishes
In addition to their main function of protecting the screen of the device from scratches, shocks and dirt, these films offer additional benefits due to their special finish.

  • Matt: with an anti-reflective coating and satin finish, it reduces unwanted reflections.
  • Anti-blue light: designed to protect the eyes from harmful blue light. It is perfect for gaming.
  • Privacy: a special finish that significantly reduces the visibility of the display from the side. Prying eyes on the train or tram will no longer be a problem.
  • Anti-microbial: designed to inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria on the surface.
  • Eco: 100% compostable film designed to have less impact on the planet.
  • Plus: ultra-resistant glass-effect film with perfect adhesion thanks to UV-Vaacum application technology.
  • Anti-fingerprint: the technology in this film repels oil and grease from fingerprints, keeping the screen clean.
  • Foldable: film dedicated to foldable smartphones. If slightly scratched, it regenerates and retains the transparency of the original display.
  • D3O: It is distinguished by the use of D3O, a material with an extraordinary ability to absorb and dissipate impact energy, minimising the risk of damage to the display. After impact, it returns to its original state, providing high-level protection for the smartphone screen.
    The films stand out for their remarkable durability, as they are designed according to high quality standards and undergo rigorous testing. Each film is characterised by specific properties that allow it to fully meet every need.