Fast Skin 4.0

Even more precise, even faster
Fast Skin 4.0 is even more efficient thanks to its advanced processor. The cuts provided are faster and more accurate, ensuring high productivity and less waiting time. The swivelling 7-inch screen makes it easier to use, while connection via Wi-Fi and Hotspot offers maximum flexibility. Fast Skin 4.0 is dedicated to smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Fast Skin 4.0 technical specifications

  • Advanced and powerful processor
  • 7" (14x19 cm) swivelling display
  • Easy connection via WiFi, Ethernet or 4G with eSim
  • The machine has compact dimensions: 21x65x20 cm
  • Smartphone sheet size: 12x18 cm
  • Tablet sheet size: 31x24 cm
  • Smartwatch sheet size: 12x12 cm

Fast Skin 3.0

Tailor-made protection for over 10,000 devices
The Fast Skin 3.0 ecosystem offers offers state-of-the-art technology solutions, with cutting machines and increasingly intelligent integrated software. Fast Skin machines can recognise the material fed into the machine and cut it on demand thanks to an automated process. Fast Skin 3.0 is designed for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Fast Skin Mini

Big performance, small size
A machine designed to optimise the service counter that can also be installed in small shops.
The film is perfectly custom-cut to fit any smartphone model and display up to 12.9". Fast Skin Mini cuts films for smartphones and smartwatches.

Fast Skin Maxi

Large formats for large devices.
An evolution of the Fast Skin 3.0 machine that allows customised film cutting for devices as varied as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, consoles and joypads up to 17’.

Technical features of Fast Skin 3.0, Fast Skin Mini and Fast Skin Maxi

  • Automatic material recognition
  • Direct machine updates
  • Easy connection via Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 3G/4G
  • Integration with other Fast Skin and Skeen tools
  • Always up-to-date device model catalogue
  • Smartphone sheet size: 12x18 cm
  • Tablet sheet size: 31x24 cm
  • Smartwatch sheet size: 12x12 cm
  • Laptop sheet size: 35x45 cm