Transparent films

The Fast Skin ecosystem offers a wide selection of high-quality films for optimal, tailor-made protection of all devices.

  • Standard: : transparent film with self-healing properties, i.e. it returns as good as new if slightly scratched. Retains the touch sensitivity of the original screen.
  • Smooth: : a durable, ultra-transparent film with good self-healing properties. Everyday actions such as scrolling and tapping are particularly smooth, with an effect almost identical to the original screen without protection.
  • Iron: distinguished by its resistance to shocks and scratches certified by drop tests of 1.8 metres. Touch sensitivity remains unchanged, ensuring a natural use of the touchscreen.
  • Unbreakable: it has high strength and a strong self-healing capacity. These features make it the perfect film to protect your smartphone from bumps and scratches.
  • Super Smooth: ideal for smartphones fitted with curved displays with oleophobic coating. Despite its minimal thickness, the film has excellent adhesion and enviable impact and scratch resistance. It has crystal-clear transparency and a completely fluid touch.
    Film characteristics:
    The transparent films are manufactured using a multi-layer TPU material, which is extremely durable and offers excellent protection. This material gives the films an optimal combination of flexibility and the ability to absorb shocks and scratches, surpassing the performance of traditional protective glass. In addition, the surface of the films is capable of self-healing after suffering surface scratches, thus allowing the device screen to remain in optimal condition over time.
    Fast Skin films are specially treated to be anti-fingerprint and guarantee flawless transparency and glass effect. This ensures a clear, sharp and high-definition view of the images on the device.
    Cutting and application
    With the Fast Skin machines, the film cutting and application process is quick and easy. The films are custom-cut to the specific dimensions of the device, ensuring an impeccable fit. Furthermore, the application of the films is easy and can be carried out dry, without the use of adhesives or glue.
    Device compatibility
    Fast Skin films are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and wearable devices. You can find the Fast Skin film that suits your protection needs for any device model or brand.