Ideal Solutions for Your Industrial Applications

Efficiency, Productivity, and Quality in Every Cut
The versatility and efficiency of our technology extend to industrial needs, offering advanced solutions for large-scale series cuts. Ideal for continuous production, these solutions ensure precision and speed, guaranteeing high productivity.

Film Roll with Support

Multiple Cuts for Industrial Applications

The film roll support, together with the 20-meter film roll, is designed to optimize industrial cutting processes. With the support, it is possible to stabilize the film roll, allowing for uninterrupted serial cuts. The roll provides the capacity for numerous consecutive cuts, adapting to various device sizes. For example, with a 70 mm wide cut, up to 250 protective films can be produced.

Technical Features of the Film Roll and Support

  • Maximum precision and speed in large-scale cuts
  • Compatibility with Fast Skin machine
  • 20 meters of 4-layer film
  • Ultra-resistant protective film


The Industrial Solution for HUB

Fast Skin FACTORY is the solution for industrial cutting needs. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, this cutter can handle thousands of cuts per day, making it perfect for large-scale operations.
Production can be efficiently coordinated, and all cutting data accurately recorded, ensuring constant monitoring and optimized management.
On-site service and dedicated technical support are ready to intervene quickly when needed, guaranteeing reliability and operational continuity.

Technical Features of Fast Skin FACTORY

  • 1000 smartphone cuts per hour
  • Capability to cut various compatible materials